Data Science


About BigGIS

BigGIS is a new generation of GIS that supports decision making in multiple scenarios which require processing of large and heterogeneous data sets.

The novelty lies in an integrated analytical approach to spatio-temporal data, that are unstructured and from unreliable sources. The system provides predictive, prescriptive and visual tool integrated in a common analytical pipeline.

The prototype will be evaluated on three scenarios - “Smart city”, “Environmental management” and “Disaster control”.

Project goals

Development, evaluation and demonstration of a new generation of GIS:

  • Heterogeneous geo-temporal data
  • Integrated analysis of spatio-temporal data
  • Unstructured and unreliable datasets
  • Analytical pipeline for predictive, prescriptive and visual analysis


  • Smart city and health (urban heat islands, particulate matter)
  • Environmental management (health threatening animals and plants)
  • Disaster control, civil protection (air pollution, toxic chemicals)